Disposable Protective Mask‚Äč
Filter three layers for health protection

About us

LM&C is a medical mask manufacturing company based in Oregon we manufacture a surgical mask for General use under the FDA guidelines of the emergency use authorization Act. After seeing the problems with the medical supply chain we set out to make improvements so our hospitals and first line Medical Teams can get the PPE they need.

Salient Features

Sterilize and multi-layer protection, help stop droplets and filter fine particles.
Made with non woven polypropylene fabric, soft, odorless, non-irritating, easy to breathe through.
Manufactured according to Medical grade standard recommended for General applications.
Manufacturing process utilizes a cleanroom and UV sterilization.

1. Comfortable and breathable Highly elastic ear loops help to ensure a comfortable fit.

2. Each mask is Individually sealed in a plastic bag protected by an outer box.

3. This product has been authorized by the FDA under the EUA for used by the general public as well as HCP in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infectious or illness during the covid-19 pandemic.